2019 Agenda

The Public Sector Solutions Expo provides eight dedicated content streams, between them providing a diverse range of in-depth case studies, lively panel debates, insightful interviews and strategic keynote addresses.

Agenda Content Areas

Digital and Technology

Whatever the challenge, technology is essential to solving the myriad of challenges facing the public sector. The Public Sector Solutions Expo will provide insight into how local and central government can incorporate best-practice into their own transformation strategies and manage the cultural implications of moving towards the digitalisation of service provision.

Discover how the public sector is shedding its outdated legacy systems, migrating its data to the cloud, embracing automation, robotics and AI, gleaning greater insight from its data, and committing to digitally upskilling its workforce.

Commissioning and Procurement

Against the backdrop of funding cuts and other budgetary pressures, it is increasingly important to ensure that public money is spent wisely to deliver maximum value. When conducted effectively, the procurement and commissioning processes enable purchasing authorities to identify and secure not only the most cost-effective goods and services, but also combat wider socio-economic challenges, and ultimately deliver better public services.
Discover how the public sector is embracing more collaborative approaches to procurement, learning to optimise the contract management cycle, fostering early engagement and better relationships with suppliers, and getting to grips with social value.

Public Finance

With demand only expected to rise, local government is under renewed pressure to find innovative sources of income to finance key services. For central government, organisations need to think more intelligently about how they managed the public purse and develop real commercial capability across the civil service.
Discover how local and central government are leveraging their assets more effectively, identifying long term commercial opportunities, investing tax payer money sustainably, and adopting more entrepreneurial approaches to service delivery.

Workforce and Leadership

Political and financial pressures continue to present the public sector workforce with unprecedented challenges. Leaders and HR functions are having to navigate a minefield of staff shortages, cultural resistance to new ways of working, demand for new skills and technology, and looming policy changes in the wake of Brexit.
Discover how public sector organisations are recruiting the talent they need, developing credible career pathways for the talent they have, introducing smarter ways of working, and maximising workforce productivity by concentrating on staff wellbeing.

Assets and Estates Management

Public sector estates across the country are consolidating and modernising in an effort to reduce costs, co-share services, and create operational efficiencies. A key driver behind this optimisation of space is new technology, and ongoing commitments to environmental sustainability and smarter ways of working.

Discover how local and central government are working with innovative suppliers to futureproof their estates, reduce the size of their property footprint, and manage rising energy demands.